March Membership Meeting Cancelled

Hello Team,

In light of the declared national emergency with regards to the pandemic spreading of the Coronavirus and in consideration of our members, trainers and children, our monthly Membership/Training meeting for March has been cancelled.

Doing so will be in line with best practices as outlined and established by the CDC, State and Local governments, requiring that we practice social distancing and cancel or postpone all non essential meetings.

With that in mind, we are requesting that you do your part to stem the spread of this most prolific and uncontrolled virus.  Practice good personal hygiene by washing your hands with warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds, cough into your elbow sleeve if you must cough, practice social distancing keeping 6 feet away from others, keep a safe space or buffer zone around your person when you find it necessary to be in crowed spaces, and most importantly refrain from the habit of shaking hands, remind yourself to give a nod to acknowledge the presence of another, and if it gives you an extra sense of comfort when in public spaces or around others wear a face mask, NIOSH N95 to help protect you from breathing in airborne contaminants that you cannot see.

Remind and teach your children to practice the same safety measures you are learning to employ in your daily routine.

As your President of the ACFPA, I will continue to monitor this evolving and unforeseen situation as we look to the CDC, State & local Governments’ recommendations in the coming weeks and make a decision on whether or not we will meet in April for our next Board meeting and Membership meeting and training.

Be safe and take care of yourself and your family.

Gwen McWilliams, ACFPA President

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