Academic Scholarships

Examples of Academic scholarships include but are not limited to private or group tutoring, test preparation classes and study aides.

Our Academic Support Scholarships provide children and youth with resources to help them be successful in their core education.  Academic Scholarship Types include the following:

Tina Hughes Academic Scholarship for Special Needs Children and Youth:
This scholarship is designed to support children and youth who have a disability that is making it difficult for them to keep up or succeed in their core education. Although these individuals may qualify for special education plans via an IEP or accommodation via a 504 plan, these resources are not always sufficient or timely. This Scholarship is designed to provide additional support to this population to assist them in succeeding in their core education.

General Academic Scholarship:
This scholarship is available to children and youth who do not have an identified learning or other disability but can benefit from resources to improve or excel in their core education.

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