ACFPA Services

The ACFPA services are available to Alameda County Resource Families and children in their care, including their foster, adoptive and biological children. Even if you have adopted the children in your care, and no longer have capacity to foster, we invite you to stay involved with the ACFPA and take advantage of the camaraderie and programs that we offer.

Below are some of the services that we offer. Some require that you be an ACFPA member and others do not.

Clothing Closet: Our Clothing Closet is the brainchild of our Fundraising Chair, Joyce Ryder, who had a vision of providing new clothing items to foster families especially at the beginning of each new placement. Because of our generous donors, the closet is often full of new clothes, shoes and other items for younger and older kids. This allows us to periodically open the closet to all of our members, not just for their new placements but also for existing placements or adopted and biological children in the home.  This is a member-only benefit.

Periodic free distribution of donated items: Our Fundraising Chair and Co-Chair work tirelessly to obtain donations of goodies such as bikes, clothing, backpacks and school supplies, among other things. These are shared with our members as they become available and/or during special events. This is a member-only benefit.

Scholarships: The ACFPA offers Academic, Enrichment and Achievement scholarships four times per year. These scholarships can assist with the cost of tutoring, exam preparation courses and enrichment activities like camps, dance and music lessons. Our newest scholarship, the Achievement Scholarship, is available for young adults through 22 years of age who were in the ACFPA member’s care at some time in the past and need support to achieve their highest level of independence. This scholarship can supplement the cost of tools for trade school, uniforms or college application fees. This is a member-only benefit.

Training and Information: We have a very close collaboration with the County Social Services department and our County liaison is always present at our monthly Association meetings to provide updates and information regarding changes impacting Resource Families. Additionally, our monthly meetings often include trainings on relevant topics for Resource Families. These trainings allow Resource Families to obtain credits required for maintaining their RFA license. You do not have to be an ACFPA member to attend our monthly meetings.

Networking and Support: Although being a Resource Parent can be very fulfilling, it is also not without its challenges. Having the opportunity to network with others who are in the same boat, share ideas and concerns, resources and information and to get support can be incredibly important as you navigate through this process. You do not have to be an ACFPA member to attend our monthly meetings or reach out for support.

All of the ACFPA Board positions are non-paid. The Board relies on members and non members, community volunteers and others to maintain the services that we offer. If you have the interest and availability to help us sustain and/or grow our programs, we would appreciate you reaching out to let us know. We are always looking for volunteers to help with committees, website updates, events and to share ideas for how to improve our programs.

If you would like to become a member of the ACFPA or renew your membership, please visit our Membership page for more details.

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