Enrichment Scholarships

Examples of Enrichment Scholarships include but are not limited to swim, music, art, dance or gymnastics classes, fees for sports leagues, summer or winter camps and cost of equipment or uniforms needed to participate in these activities.

Our Enrichment Scholarships help children and youth round out their core education by providing financial assistance to pursue enrichment activities after school or during summer/winter breaks.  These include activities that encourage creative healthy outlets, including the arts and/or sports. Enrichment Scholarship Types include the following:

Tina Hughes Scholarship for Special Needs:
This scholarship is designed to support children and youth who have a disability, with enrichment activities to round out their academic experience.

Ralph Hauser Scholarship for the Arts:
This scholarship enables children and youth to explore their talents in the performing arts (music, theater, dance), visual arts (drawing, painting, photography, ceramics, sculpture, architecture), or literary arts. Scholarships can be used to cover such things as fees for classes, group or individual lessons and/or cost of materials.

General Enrichment Scholarship:
This scholarship type enables children and youth to participate in general enrichment activities, not specific to creative arts, to round out their academic experience.

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