Achievement Scholarship

Examples include: GED prep and testing, College prep coaching, Job Coach services, Professional resume prep, College application expenses, employment, internship or Trade School expenses not covered by employer such as uniforms and tools, military enlistment associated expenses.

As our youth begin their journey into adulthood, the ACFPA would like to encourage their pursuit of furthering their education and reaching their career goals. 

The intent of this scholarship is to assist with expenses associated with preparing and applying for higher education/college or trade type programs along with participation expenses, work programs and internships (both paid and unpaid), and job search and attainment endeavors. 

We realize that there are many programs that waive certain fees and assist with expenses that are available, but hope to bridge the gap when the available resources are not enough and successful participation is jeopardized. 

This scholarship also hopes to address the needs of youth and young adults working towards assisted employment to reach their highest level of independence and self-support.

We encourage our older youth and young adults, through 22 years of age, to work with the ACFPA member to identify what they need, and how an Achievement Scholarship would be used to meet that need.  Scholarship applications must be submitted by the youth’s Resource Parent, who is an active member with ACFPA.

Submissions will be reviewed and assessed based on the intent of this scholarship, and how the requested funds will meet the identified needs articulated in the application. Supporting documents should be provided with the application as appropriate to identify necessary costs and participation and/or may be requested upon review.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Biological, kinship, adopted or foster youth and young adults, through the age of 22, who are or have been under the care of the ACFPA member.
  • The ACFPA member submitting the application on the applicant’s behalf must be in good standing.

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