We appreciate you!

The annual Caregiver Appreciation Dinner, hosted by Alameda County Social Services, Department of Children & Family Services, was held on May 20, 2022 this year. The event was in person, which in itself was a blessing after being couped up for so long. It was wonderful to see all the families again in person, instead of on video!

As usual, the department did a fantastic job of creating a welcoming, festive atmosphere, complete with a DJ, delicious food, fun photo booth, raffles, gift baskets and other surprise gifts for everyone.

The theme this year was “Still We Rise”. The Keynote Speaker, Vanetta Johnson, Executive Director of Beyond Emancipation, gave a touching and inspirational speech about her program and its wonderful Mission to “support young people as they imagine and create their own life beyond foster care”.

On behalf of ACFPA and our members we want to thank the Department for this wonderful event and give a special shout out to Felicia Brown, our County Liaison, for her tireless work on behalf of the kids in care and their families. Thank you!

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