The ACFPA Scholarship program was launched in the Fall of 2016. Scholarships can be used to supplement the cost of enrichment and academic activities for children in care.

Eligibility Requirements

Scholarships are available for foster, adopted and biological youth of currently licensed foster parents as well as relative caregivers and non-related extended family members who have an open case with the County. To be eligible for these scholarships, the caregiver must be a good standing member of the ACFPA. Additionally, applicant must be applying for or currently enrolled in the program that will help them attain their educational or enrichment goals.

Each scholarship is for a maximum of $300. There is a limit of one scholarship per child per year.

Scholarship Types

Academic Support Scholarships: Our Academic Support Scholarships provide children and youth with resources to help them be successful in their core education.  Examples of resources in this category include private or group tutoring, study aides and test preparation classes.

Enrichment Scholarships: Our Enrichment Scholarships help children and youth round out their core education by providing financial assistance to pursue enrichment activities after school or during summer/winter breaks.  These include activities that encourage creative healthy outlets, including the arts and/or sports.

Achievement Scholarship: As our youth begin their journey into adulthood, the ACFPA would like to encourage their pursuit of furthering their education and reaching their career goals. The intent of this scholarship is to assist with expenses associated with preparing and applying for higher education/college or trade type programs along with participation expenses, work programs and internships (both paid and unpaid), and job search and attainment endeavors.

Scholarship Periods

Scholarship periods are open based on available budget.

Application PeriodNotice to Applicants
Jan 1 – Mar 15Apr 1
Apr 1 – Jun 15Jul 1
Jul 1- Aug 15Sept 1
Sept 1 – Oct 15Nov 1

Application Process

  • Complete the following documents:
    • ACFPA Scholarship Application/Nomination Form: To be completed by Caregiver. If nominating more than one youth, a separate application form must be completed for each nominee.
    • Optional Letter of Interest: To be completed by the applicant, explaining why the program is of interest and how it would be beneficial. This letter is optional but can help the application standout if multiple requests are received by the committee.
  • Mail all documents to: ACFPA, 1271 Washington Ave #659, San Leandro, CA 94577, ATTN: Scholarship Committee. Or email to, Subject Line: Scholarship.

What People Say

All names were changed to protect the identity of applicants

Excerpts from Testimonial:
We are delighted and thankful to express our testimony of how our 22 month old foster daughter, Lucy, who since December 16th is officially adopted and is benefiting from the gymnastic class for which the Alameda County Foster Parent Association granted her the General Enrichment Scholarship. She first came into our lives at 9 days old and we appreciate every moment that we spend with her and truly enjoy watching her growing confidence in herself. Above all your scholarship inspires us to keep our commitment to her weekly gymnastic class on Saturday mornings. It is helping us not only financially but also shows us support for our whole effort of raising her with overall health and continuously thriving.

Letter of Interest from a caregiver:
On behalf of Aisha, I would like to request swim lessons for her. She is almost a year old, and has been in the water a few times. She absolutely loves it. Aisha was born medically fragile, and we have been helping her enhance her motor movement, including crawling. We believe crawling will help her speech and handwriting, as well as further brain function. A has the concept of crawling, but cannot hold her upper-body weight. When placed on the floor to help her learn to crawl, she loses attention quickly, but when in the water, she is active for a longer period of time. The swim lessons would be guided by an instructor, but include parent participation in the water with the child. The swim lessons are a half-hour, once a week. We believe this would help her motor movement, aid in further bonding with foster family, help enhance brain function, and make her happy.
Thank you for considering her application.

Letter from 9 year old scholarship recipient:
Dear ACFPA Scholarship Committee,
I am so excited about receiving money to put toward my gymnastics training. This means the world to me and I wanted to Thank You so very much! Who knows, maybe one day you will see me compete. Thank you again for helping my dream to continue.
Love, Suzie

ACFPA relies on donations from individuals and organizations to fund the Scholarship program. Donations can be made online or through the mail. See the Donations page of this website for more information. If requested, ACFPA is happy to provide information regarding how your donation was used. All donations are tax deductible. 

We would like to thank the following organizations for their support of our Scholarship programs:

Lawrence Livermore National LLNS Security, Community Gift Program
East Bay Orphan Care, 1st Presbyterian Church of Castro Valley

Other Scholarship Options:

Below is a list of other organizations that also provide scholarships for youth:

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